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About Geete
Geete in brief
Geete AB was founded in 1992 by Catharina Geete. She is still the owner of the company.

We produce own designed collections and represent several European manufacturers on the scandinavian market. Special manufacturing with or without company profile is one of our specialities.

Our business concept
Our business concept is to produce and sell high quality products. Quality and design are always in focus in our daily work. We offer classic timeless items as well as collections with a stylistic, fashionable and trendy feeling. It is important that our products are safe and harmless to the environment.

Our customers
We cooperate with retailers, business to business and since 2009 our doors are opened for consumers through our web shop.

GEETE DISPLAY MATERIAL AB Phone: +46 (0)8 673 53 93 Cell: +46 (0)708 18 38 28 E-mail: